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RE: Hardy Frame, between code changes

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take a look at for some information. I,too, called
Gary Hardy today. Based on the facts that he has done cyclic testing and has
obtained ICBO and COLA (City of Los Angeles Research Report) approvals, I am
excited to find out more.
>From the way he explained it to me, the product is an 18 Gauge frame
(although he mentioned that he had a "Panel" available as well) that
replaces a given number of conventional studs. It sets in the wall above the
mud-sill and attaches to the bottom of the continuous double top plate for
drag. He claims one conventional frame of 4'-0" width will replace 6 kips of
conventional shear panels.
His frames can be fit into an 18" space which makes them ideal for garage

He is sending me information and a disk of details as well.
BTW, he wondered why his phones were so busy today!


Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
ICQ# 6110557

"Silence is the virtue of fools."
Francis Bacon

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|Am I the only one in the dark reading this?  Could someone give us a
|Reader's Digest summary of what a Hardy Frame is?  Looks like it is a
|proprietary product used in wood framed construction for shear resistance.
|It appears interesting and useful, but before we all start calling this guy
|for literature it would be nice to understand its application.  Thanks.
|Kent Estes
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|	To add to the conundrum, I spoke with the SF building department,
|who at
|	this time are doing very little regarding the seismic issues related
|to the
|	SF version of the 97 UBC. If I understood correctly, they basically
|	until the state adopts the code this summer, then wait 180 days and
|	allow another 6 months grace period for printing (and reprinting
|	corrections). Then there is still the issue of SF amendments that
|	have language for exceptions as they relate to existing buildings.
|	engineer I spoke with said for all he knew the State Code could end
|	modifying the 2:1 aspect ratio that is in the 1997 UBC.
|	I spoke with Gary Hardy at Hardy Frame 1 800 754 3030 and he is
|sending me a
|	their info. ICBO report and a disk with their CAD details. As
|mentioned he
|	said that they are using their product in San Jose for about 200
|units. He
|	said that holdown uplift values are over 20kips.
|	Regards,
|	Jeff Smith