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VSC - Categories for to filter subjects

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Nice work Steve.
Two comments - each category is too long. This won't leave sufficient space
on in the subject heading to create an understandable description of the
Consider shortening or abbreviating.

Although most won't like this one, Create a numerical category:
Topic - subtopic   i.e.. Bridge=02 Loads=21 therefore 0221
Expand to include Organization, Region, Committee (if pertinent),Topic,
USA+NSEA+SEA+So. Calif.+Existing Bldg. Committee+Blue Book+Wood+Shearwalls
01 + 01 + 01 + 03+05 Blue Book Wood Shearwalls
0101010305 Blue Book Wood Shearwalls

Granted, this may seem like a nightmare, but once the numeric code is
determined, The duplication of the number can be somewhat automated and
becomes the main filtering code. Once the filter rule is established, the
user no longer needs to worry about the number unless creating a new
distribution letter.
In this example, a blank email message can be embedded into the folder. The
user need only create a template from the Email message in the folder. When
wanting to create a new message, the user can draw from either the template
with the code embedded, or can reply to the blank message and simply remove
the RE: in the subject line.

The goal - filter and distribute to various professional groups or
individuals around the globe. For an individual or non-affiliate, substitute
00 for the sub-category codes.

How about some feedback from the VSC Committee? Can anyone work from this
with Steve Gregg? This is only the start - how about working to refine it?

Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
ICQ# 6110557

"Silence is the virtue of fools."
Francis Bacon

|-----Original Message-----
|From: Steve Gregg [mailto:sgcengr(--nospam--at)]
|Sent: Friday, March 27, 1998 12:50 AM
|To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
|Subject: lurkers unite
|With apologies to Richard Lewis ( I never could find suggested subject
|categories for June 23,24 '97), I humbly submit to all y'all
|for your review, the following list of subject categories (about 70 here)
|for list users to expand or hack and hopefully implement.
|In response to Dennis question, "how would you enforce a standard
|(for subject categories) once it's formulated?":   If a "folder" (or file)
|was established on the seaoc server which corresponded to each
|subject category, forwarding the posts that made it into a folder and
|rejecting to the sender the posts that weren't categorized, I think the
|"standard" would catch on fairly quickly.  The folder could accept posts
|based on subject key words, so the spelling wouldn't *have* to be
|If this were implemented, each user could easily filter e'mails into
|foldersthat corresponded to the subject categories to read or delete
|at their leisure.
|(I'm hoping a spin doctor steps to my defense before I get blown off
|the fence)
|bridge loading or rating
|bridge inspection
|bridge - pre-cast
|bridge - steel
|bridge piers & abutments
|business practice
|code interpretation
|code enforcement
|computer - software review
|computer - hardware review
|computer - Autocad
|concrete - mix design
|concrete - tiltup
|concrete - precast
|concrete - post-tensioned
|concrete - slab-on-grade
|concrete - structural slab
|concrete - anchor bolts
|concrete - reinforcing
|construction testing
|construction inspection - independent
|construction inspection - jurisdiction
|contracts and specifications
|corrosion - marine
|corrosion - soil envt.
|engr and the Law
|engr and education
|foundations - pin pile
|foundations - mat
|foundations - caisson
|foundations - augercast piles
|foundations - expansive soil
|foundations - steel pile
|foundations - sheet pile
|foundations - precast pile
|foundations - timber pile
|foundations - retaining wall
|free speech
|geotechnical parameters
|insurance - e&o
|lateral design - seismic
|lateral design - wind
|masonry - anchor bolts
|masonry - reinforced
|masonry - unreinforced
|nonconformist catch-all
|notable failures
|office equipment
|plan review
|SE and CE
|SE and Architect
|structural steel
|struct. steel - bolted connection
|struct. steel - welded connection
|struct. steel - moment connection
|struct. steel - frames
|struct. steel - bracing
|wood - glue lam
|wood - nailed connection
|wood - bolted connection
|wood - straps & holdowns
|wood - light frame constr.
|wood - timber constr.
|wood - engineered products