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Re: lurkers unite

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Having standards for Subject: heading would be nice. But I think it is not

Consider the subject I'm on, I read the post,  I'm interested in it. I want to
respond. So I just press reply button(on AOL) and type on. I don't check what
the subject is, if it is correct per standard or not, and if it is not
correct, I don't want to spend time to correct it when I respond.

 I look at this listserve as a group of people discussing mostly structural
engineering topics which I am interested in. I turn it on whenever I'm free or
on a break and whatever topic I'm interested in I just join the discussion. I
don't have to ask permission to join or wait for my turn to speak. I don't
have to specify what subject of discussion I want to join or to change the
subject to a more appropriate one that conforms to standard. I know most of us
are like this because I followed some threads before and the subject kept on
changing because people talk about another topic while responding to one
particular topic. Then when someone responds to this latest post about the
other topic, the subject heading is already wrong because they just pressed
the reply button.

Being an informal discussion group/listserve, I think this is how we'll keep
on going. Unless .......somebody sets some RULES and order everyone to obey or
get kicked out. Is somebody out there brave enough to set the RULE and risk
being kicked out himself?  I'd be willing to follow the RULE if there is one
But I don't want to be the one to set it. And if there is a RULE, then, it
won't be an informal discussion group anymore. It will be just like a
committee meeting where we have a Robert's Rule of Order (sort of).

I know how hard it is to follow the threads or to keep up with all the
discussions when there is really a lot. It would be nice to filter it. But the
only way to do this is to ask voluntary efforts from everybody to follow topic
standards, (if we do set up one and agree on it) then make sure that nobody
goes astray, and if it does happen, then it must be corrected by the one who
responds to the topic. Not really complicated but too cumbersome for me. 

So what do you guys think? 

BTW, if you wish to respond to this post by pressing the reply button, check
the "Subject: " first and see if it is correct. Change it if it is wrong. And
don't talk about another topic while you're responding to this. "Send" this
first, then choose another Subject(it must be the correct one) then write on.

Ernie Natividad