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Re: VSC - Categories for to filter subjects

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Time restricts me from standing long on a soap box here... so I guess
the gods are looking favorably on everyone today..

If the subject headings are to be rethought, I suggest building on a
system already in effect rather than redesigning the wheel.  If we all
must learn new catagories and abreviations, they won't get used... I for
one never committed the system discussed last summer to memory.

Two options come to mind here..

The construction spec divisions are at least familar to most of us, and
I'm sure many (myself included) don't have them memorized, but  it makes
more sense to devote energy to using a system related to another system
we are probably using.  Just the first two numbers of the division would
work  For example, concrete would be 03 and masonry 04....

The other option would be to build on the building code sections.  With
the recent revamping of the chapters of the UBC, I think all the codes
now use the same chapter numbers.  So wood would be 23.  This doesn't
allow for bridges and such, but something could be worked out..And if
someone wanted to be more specific like wood supporting masonry or
concrete, they could use 2307.  I would think that most people would
have done some research in the code before asking specific questions, so
that would  allow the original poster of the thread to get the section
right.  This also makes searching of the archives easier.

Enough... I must go be a dad for a while on this rainy morning..

Steve Privett  CE