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Re: VSC - Categories for to filter subjects

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If you read my post last night on the Subject: Lurker's...., this is an
example of what actually happens if we stick with our lazy habit. Just like
what you did and what I'm doing right now(sorry if you and the others get
multiple post but I just want to illustrate my point).

I read your post, I press the "Reply All" button and I write on. I don't check
the TO:, CC: and the SUBJECT: boxes. You probably got 2 same post if you're
not in the CC: box(VSC members or those who wish to join the discussions on
Virtual Standards Committee). Those in the CC: box will get it twice also.  I
got 3 posts early this morning on the same thing. I also remember that I got 3
same post from Dennis last night. And when I checked the TO: and CC: boxes of
all your posts when I press the "reply to all" button, sure enough you guys
did not bother to check the boxes. On one post, the TO: box have the Listserve
address (seaoc(--nospam--at)  listed twice, plus the CC: box filled with VSC
member addresses. The second "same" post has the TO: box with the listserve
address plus another person that you probably want to receive it but you just
added it on the box without updating the rest of the contents of the other
boxes. In this post where I just press the "reply to all" button, I don't know
if list of TO an CC will be compounded again. I'll find our when I read my
post(or same posts at least twice or maybe more)

My point is that it is a habit of most to just reply and type on. The same
thing happens if somebody offers something in the listserve and everybody just
press the "reply" button, type "I want one" and press the "send" button. If we
want standards and less same posts for effciency and for individual
organization of posts, we have to be patient and mindful of checking all the
"boxes" before we type away.

I promise(or I hope I can remember) to check the "boxes" on my next posts
after this one. And I SUGGEST(I don't want to set the RULE) that everybody
else do the same thing. I hope nobody else did this "reply to all without
checking" stuff or everybody else will be receiving multiple posts.

Ernie Natividad