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Re: lurkers unite

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My opinion is that the only standard which would be followed is one which is very
general so no-one would have to look it up to remember it.  For example:

Jill Shuttleworth
Sunnyside, WA

ErnieNSE wrote:

> Having standards for Subject: heading would be nice. But I think it is not
> practical.
> Consider the subject I'm on, I read the post,  I'm interested in it. I want to
> respond. So I just press reply button(on AOL) and type on. I don't check what
> the subject is, if it is correct per standard or not, and if it is not
> correct, I don't want to spend time to correct it when I respond.
>  I look at this listserve as a group of people discussing mostly structural
> engineering topics which I am interested in. I turn it on whenever I'm free or
> on a break and whatever topic I'm interested in I just join the discussion. I
> don't have to ask permission to join or wait for my turn to speak. I don't
> have to specify what subject of discussion I want to join or to change the
> subject to a more appropriate one that conforms to standard. I know most of us
> are like this because I followed some threads before and the subject kept on
> changing because people talk about another topic while responding to one
> particular topic. Then when someone responds to this latest post about the
> other topic, the subject heading is already wrong because they just pressed
> the reply button.
> Being an informal discussion group/listserve, I think this is how we'll keep
> on going. Unless .......somebody sets some RULES and order everyone to obey or
> get kicked out. Is somebody out there brave enough to set the RULE and risk
> being kicked out himself?  I'd be willing to follow the RULE if there is one
> But I don't want to be the one to set it. And if there is a RULE, then, it
> won't be an informal discussion group anymore. It will be just like a
> committee meeting where we have a Robert's Rule of Order (sort of).
> I know how hard it is to follow the threads or to keep up with all the
> discussions when there is really a lot. It would be nice to filter it. But the
> only way to do this is to ask voluntary efforts from everybody to follow topic
> standards, (if we do set up one and agree on it) then make sure that nobody
> goes astray, and if it does happen, then it must be corrected by the one who
> responds to the topic. Not really complicated but too cumbersome for me.
> So what do you guys think?
> BTW, if you wish to respond to this post by pressing the reply button, check
> the "Subject: " first and see if it is correct. Change it if it is wrong. And
> don't talk about another topic while you're responding to this. "Send" this
> first, then choose another Subject(it must be the correct one) then write on.
> Ernie Natividad