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Radiographic inspection

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The following summarizes a story on point of this thread that was told to me
some years ago.  It may be apocryphal, I didn't see the thing, but it is
theoretically possible.

Contractor installing a dish antennae on the roof of a mid-rise Southern
California office building, unaware that the roof slab into which he was
drilling to place anchors  was post-tensioned, drills through an unbonded
tendon.  The anchor at the edge of the building, trailing about fifty feet
of the broken cable, launches horizontally across the street, through the
window wall of an adjacent somewhat taller office building, through the
window office, through the drywall and metal stud interior wall separating
that office from the corridor, across the corridor, and into a exit stair
shaft wall, where it finally exhausts its energy, leaving the cable trailing
behind it, across the desk of the startled occupant of the office, an
attorney who no doubt immediately began to draw up the papers for his

The way I heard the story, he settled up with the contractor for cash that

I'll bet the x-ray would have been a lot cheaper.

Drew Norman, S.E.
Drew A. Norman and Associates