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Re: Re: COMP:Linking Spreadsheets to external databases

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In a message dated 3/27/98 7:05:33 AM, Christopher Wright wrote:

<<>have the
>spreadsheet access an external database of section properties and "pull in"
>the desired properties to the spreadsheet into specific cell addresses for
If you have access to a Mac in your office there are a couple of ways to 
do it. I've done some similar things with calculated data fed to FEA 
input streams. I don't think the process is unique to a Mac, just easier. 
We can continue this off-list if you like.
No, tell us on-line!  There's few enough things we Mac-users can claim as our
own that I'd like to hear about one.  For instance, ACI's CD-ROMs aren't Mac-
compatible, etc. 

Thanks,  Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E., Richmond CA