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Coding subject lines to assist filtering - VSC work

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RE: Lurkers Unite
I am responding to Lorenzo's comments abour possible Coding and Rules
related to Subject lines. I tend to agree with a few very strong opinions,
however, Lorenzo and Ernie's comments would would have been lost to most who
might like to comment on this topic since it was buried in the subject line
"Re: Lurkers Unite".
The Virtual Standards Committee (no professional affiliation as yet)agrees
that for most conversational postings as we have on this list, coding is
unnecessary other than learning some simple standards to help in the process
of archiving and retrieval.

Coding has a place when we target our discussion to technical committee work
and need a means - within a short subject line - to filter a topic to a
specific committee located within a specific chapter of a state
organization. Furthermore with the comming IBC, we will need to submit and
retrieve information at a state, national and international level.

One other person suggested separate lists. This is ideal but not yet
feasible. Our server, from my discussions with Shafat Qazi, are licenced for
only 5 lists. To expand this requires more site licenses. Although I am not
an expert in this area (by any means) I believe that it will ultimately
require full time help to maintain an archive system and multiple lists.

At a global level it is conceivable that this traffic on this list could
increase ten fold when committee start to share information with the private

My opinion of search tools is that it is ideal if we have established
phrases or words which will yield the most information on the simplest
search. Let's assume that you need information on a specific top which may
have been discussed multiple times over a two year period. The problem would
be to retrieve each and every message when there exists no uniformity.
Therefore we would spend frustrating time trying different search criteria
in hopes that we would pull out just the message that we were looking for
from four years ago. With some sort of coding - like the VSC members
suggestion to use CSI coding - we could work from numbers that are familiar
to most of us or easily referenced. This would yield a much better search

We need to consider what the future holds and just how we are going to use
the information that we have collected from the last three or four years.
This is great reference materials if we can get our hands on the material
quickly and easily. We need to recognize the time that we have 2 million or
more messages and more than 300 or so active participants on the list. We
need to address how information will flow through committees and
professional affiliations.

For the most part, we have asked SEAOC to allow each of us access to the
information comming out of committees aso that we can be an active part of
the decision and policy making process. However, we need to plan for the
desemination movement of this infomation back and forth through our
community all the way up to a global level.

Just a few thoughts. All I ask is that those resistant to the idea of
coding, help to offer suggestions so we don't drown in information when the
time comes that the volume of this list increase ten fold. I do see this as
a reality when committees start to use the tools and those of us sitting in
our homes and offices can participate without physical attendence.
Regardless of whether we have separate lists for committee, there will
always be cross-talk between the general list and specific lists. We need
some plan to ready ourselves other than generic, broad based searching.


Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
ICQ# 6110557

"Silence is the virtue of fools."
Francis Bacon

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|Above written by Ernie Natividad
|A very good word picture!  I for one do not want to spend alot of time
|figuring out what category
|my message is to be included in, I just want to type the message or reply.
|I sometimes try to use the all caps keywords that were proposed in that
|past, ie COMP for computers, etc., but I certainly do not want to look at a
|list of 70 categories.
|My suggestion is, skim the subject lines and read the ones that interest
|you. Let's not overcomplicate things.