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Re: Re: COMP:Linking Spreadsheets to external databases

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>No, tell us on-line!  There's few enough things we Mac-users can claim as our
>own that I'd like to hear about one.
So... you wanna pander to the very preachiest, worst side of what passes 
for my character without buying the first round, do ya? Well, not today, 
Sunny Jim. Besides Macheads can claim most of what passes for 
gee-whizzery in Windows as our own. (All you do is make up a custom 
report in the database software and publish it to the text file you're 
making for the FEA input stream. The FEA becomes a live document that 
picks up changes you make in the database report automatically. If you're 
using Excel or Word, you can do the same thing by pasting links from a 
report in Excel to a Word document.) 

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