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Re: Earthquake damage

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     I remember seeing a tract of homes in Granada Hills where houses were 
     supported on cut soil on one side of the street and fill material on 
     the other side of the street.  These houses were built in the 
     mid-eighties and were engineered with plywood shear walls and 
     holdowns.  The houses on the cut side suffered very little damage (if 
     any), while houses on the fill side suffered extensive damage (some 
     were red-tagged).  I only surveyed one house in this tract (on the 
     fill side) and although the damage was heavy, most of it was cosmetic 
     and the structural system performed fairly well.  It was quite obvious 
     though that houses on the fill side were subject to much more movement 
     than houses on the cut side.
     Ken Agee

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Subject: Earthquake damage 
Author:  <seaoc(--nospam--at)> at CORP-INTERNET-BURBANK
Date:    3/25/98 5:43 PM

Is anyone aware of differences in earthquake damage that occurred to 
structures on fill sites vs. cut sites during the Northridge earthquake? What 
about damage to structures on transition lots?  Did they sustain additional 
damage due to non-uniform subsurface conditions?  Any help would be 
Steve Helfrich