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Re: Liquid forces in water tanks

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On 3/28/98, you wrote:
>3.  Can anyone help me  to calculate the effect of sloshing liquid 
>for the design of a water storage tank subjected to earthquake 
>accelerations?  I need this information for buried as well as 
>above-ground ituations.
>Sam Love
>Love Engineering
>Ogden, Utah
Try the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.  AWWA 
D-100 and D-200 both address the issue of seismic sloshing for above 
grade circular tanks of steel and concrete, respectively.  The 
mathematical deriviations in these standards are based on an 
analysis developed in the 1960's by George Hausner, I believe, for 
nuclear structure design.

The AWWA standards provide graphic and mathematical solutions of the 
hyperbolic tangent functions used in describing the seismic forces 
for both the coupled and convective water forces (please excuse my 
terminology, I'm a bit rusty from my LADWP days).  The AWWA documents 
also cover tank design and detailing.

The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) is another source of 
tank design information, and I think they use the same dynamic theory 
as AWWA.
Good luck,
Todd Erickson, S.E.
EQE International
Newport Beach, CA
BSCE University of Utah, 1990 - GO UTES!