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Dear Dennisa and Jill

There is only one true standard.

there are no standards.

Jill you wouldn't happen to know an English engineer by the name of George

John Nichols,

Quote for the day::

Who said   ::  After this is all over, japanese will only be spoken in hell.

At 11:01 30/03/98 -0800, you wrote:
>There are simpler ways to adjust to a more complicated coding. You can
>create custom Signatures with codes already embedded. Another thought is
>that one of us can create a small visual basic drop-down list that sits on
>the desktop to find an appropriate category.
>I agree with Jill, but there are some shortcuts to take when having to
>content with more cryptic codes.
>PS: As I stated before, we are discussing coding of subject lines in a
>message titled "RE: lurkers unite" - how will we ever be able to easily
>locate this message in the archives? I left the subject so that you will
>know that I am responding.
>Dennis Wish PE
>La Quinta, California
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>"Silence is the virtue of fools."
>Francis Bacon
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>|My opinion is that the only standard which would be followed is
>|one which is very
>|general so no-one would have to look it up to remember it.  For example:
>|Jill Shuttleworth
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