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Re: Load - Occupany Live Load

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With my experience with fitness centers, the free weight area is not the problem but the aerobics area is. I have (as well as the building officials reviewing my work) have been concerned about 150 (usually overweight) people jumping up and down creating quite a dynamics problem.
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Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 12:40 PM
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>I've designed a fitness center open to the public on wood framed floors. It's
>on an existing retail/commercial building so I assumed that the live load the
>original building was designed for is adequate for the fitness center. Like
>you said, it's not an assembly area and with access around each equipment,
>minimum 50 psf should be OK.
>I treat the equipment weight as dead load and I ask for their location,
>including rubber pads, leg configuration of really heavy equipments, dumbell
>racks, etc., and design floor framing for these loads plus LL(min 50 psf). One
>thing I watch out for is if there is a long row of heavy equipment or racks
>that runs the same direction as the floor joist, it becomes critical for 2 or
>3 joist carrying a heavy uniform load along it's length. A revised equipment
>layout may be necessary or some way to spread the loads to more joists if the
>layout cannot be changed.
>Ernie Natividad
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