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Re: Load - Occupany Live Load

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I have to disagree with Ernie and Tim.  The UBC ('91 edition,  sorry I don't
have a newer ed, but I assume it's similar) requires that public areas be
designed for 100 PSF (Table 23-A for Assembly areas - "and other areas", and
Footnote 3).

ASCE 7-88 backs this up in Table C3.

Since the equipment isn't 'built-in' as plumbing or kitchen equipment is, I'd
treat it as part of the Live Load.

Lew Midlam, PE

Dennis S. Wish wrote:

> My client wants to relocate a workout room from one building to another. It
> is currently located in a Office structure located on a hospital campus. The
> building is not OSHPOD (sorry about the inital's if wrong) controlled.
> The current equipment room has weights and aerobic type equipment - the
> worst of which weights under 1000 lbs. Most of it is lighter pieces around
> 300 lbs.
> They wish to relocate to a second floor of the office building which is
> constructed of Spancrete planks. I did a similar report for them a few
> months ago and had John Hinton at Spancrete investigate a plank with from
> the building and add a 1kip concentrated load. There was no measurable
> deflection to be concerned with.
> The problem is the live load requirments. I'm not sure where this fits in
> the code. It is not a Gymnasium, nor is it used for Aerobic classes of
> twenty or thirty people jumping up and down. Each piece of equipment takes
> up at least twenty or thirty square feet and allowing for 3' access between
> the equipments makes it accessible to roughly 50 square foot per person.
> Remember too, these are hospital and outpatients (as well as staff) seeking
> therapy or aerobic training on the equipment.
> What is the allowable live load for this. I would guess the code allowable
> for a gym with fixed seating is 100 psf. If it is this high, can I use a
> realistic live load based upon each piece of equipment. The worst case
> equipment is the weight machine at 1000 lbs and which takes roughly 36
> square feet including benches. This amounts to only 28 psf.
> I'd like some feedback if you please.
> Thanks
> Dennis Wish PE
> La Quinta, California
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