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RE: Load - Occupancy Live Load

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I wish to thank all of you who responded. The building official has made up
his mind on this issue.
Neither I nor anyone else can predict that the this area won't be modified
at some date in the future and used for purposes other than weights. This
room is actually a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. None of the equipment is
fixed in place and it is conceivable but not likely that the floor can be
cleared and an Aerobics' class given.
The issue is not really if the structural system is adequate - my guess is
that for a 6 or 8" thick Spancrete plank spanning less than 20 feet, it
would work. However, this is a medical building (not under OSPD regulations
but on the Hospital Campus) and the Cardiac Rehab area is used by patients
(in and out) as well as hospital staff to stay in shape.
The issue is the occupancy designated in the original design of the building
which was designed with a live load of 50psf.
The building official was adamant to stay on the conservative side here. I
tend to agree and recommended that they keep the Cardiac Rehab on the main
level which is slab on grade. The client agreed and had no desire to do any
extensive work, if needed, to upgrade the area.

Thanks again for all of your help. BTW, personally, I feel that Tim
McCormicks solution combined with a more in-depth study of the existing
conditions is the best approach as long as there is some posting of loads
and usage in the area to prevent future changes that may exceed the actual
use of the area.

Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
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