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Wood - 2x wood ledger question

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I just searched the archives for posts related to 2x wood ledgers on wood
stud framing. I have another job where the framer and designer are
requesting a 2x rather than 4x ledger. None of the posts actually resolved
the issue other than Michael Cochran who suggested  resting the roof rafters
on a let-in ledger (cut into the studs) and nailing the rafters to the face
of studs. It's a preferable way to insure a good connection, but one that
the client prefers not to use. As Michael pointed out, it's difficult to cut
the let-in in place after the framing and stucco have been in place.
The other comment I received from Roger Turk reminded me that the hangers
specify a 10d connection and that the length of a 10d is 3" long. Simpson
makes a 10d Teco nail that is only 1-1/2" in length and carries the full
shear value of the connection. The resistance to pull-out is less and this
would be a reason to go to a 4x ledger. shear on the connection is not a
factor when the embedment is 1-1/2" according to the Simpson catalog which
calculates the connector on this embedment.
Are there any other good reasons to avoid a 2x ledger on wood framed
construction. The gravity load reactions are not very severe - in worst
case, the tributary area is less than 5' on the ledger.
Thanks for your opinions on this issue.

Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
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