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Re: Hardy Frame, between code changes

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And all this time I thought that weight gain was related to the old 
reservoir equation: storage = input - output   ;)

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> Date:          Wed, 1 Apr 1998 03:36:47 EST
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> Subject:       Re: Hardy Frame, between code changes
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> Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E. wrote  Would you want your doctor to wait for ten
> years of committee meetings and eventual AMA approval before incorporating the
> latest research findings into his/her practice?  
> Medical practice is a bad example of to make your report.   Just look at the
> number and duration of long term studies required to change the medical
> thinking and get a study into the medical books.  The original sutudy has to
> be verified by several different studies all comming to the same conclusion
> before it is considers a medical fact.  For instance in 1988 the surgeon
> general recommended that all American's severely reduce fat intake, today 33%
> more american's are fat. The normal the race to low fat diets was on.  With
> all the low fat diets and diet centers around the nation  we should be seeing
> fewer fat people.  Not so.  Why?  Fat doesn't cause fat carbohydrates cause
> fat.  See the book Protein Power, By Michael R. Eades, M.D. and Mary Dan
> Eades, M.D.
> We need to remember that the code is a minimum standard used to guide thoes
> that wish to follow the standard provision of the code. Sound engineering
> judgement  ands practice takes preceedence over the code.  When a new
> technology arrives we shoud use our brains and knowledge to evaluate, study
> and apply the technology to the job at hand where it applies.  Sure before all
> the testing is in we need to use good judgement.  
> Jay L. Crawford, P.E.