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Re: Load - Occupancy Live Load

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A few years ago I designed a very private fitness facility in Atherton for
one of the fitness guru's at the local college.  I didn't hesitate to use
100 psf.  There are times when my client would be using the room for
lectures on fitness and nutrition and then times when the place would be
overcrowded and everyone jumping up and down at the same time.

It sounds to me like you go to fitness clubs for the "elite"; lithe,
skinny, really into it,  must wear the proper clothes, et. al.  The
facilities I've been at have people with all kinds of shapes and ages.  I'm
especially impressed with overweight people who go to these, self conscious
and all and stick with their goals.  I'm especially impressed with people
who have disability's who are staying with their program and I'm impressed
with the 60 and 70 year old people, some who can put the young kids to
shame.   Sometime, you might ask one of those "fat" people what their body
fat ratio is.  It might be less than yours.

Please don't put down these people who are serious about doing something
about the quality of their life.  I know of a woman who was 320 lbs; she's
now around 195 and will be running her fist 50 mile ultra run this
Saturday.  I can remember participating in a ultra run a few years ago and
having trouble keeping up with a little butter ball.  She informed me that
she usually ran 6 day races.  

>Well, I guess I disagree with most of the thinking here.  A fitness club
is in
>fact a private club for which only regular paying members are allowed.
>classes do not load up the floors to 100 psf.  People on the floor spread out
>for enough room to move around and not bump the person next to him/her.
This is
>anywhere from 24 square feet to 36 square feet.  If you have ever seen an
>aerobics class (I have participated in many of them), then you will know that
>the real load is down below 50 psf.  These floors are bare, no desks, chairs,
>etc., or other live load associated with a normal live load.
>The people who attend these classes are not the "fat" ones.  Or if they
are fat,
>they quickly loose the weight.  In the classes I attended, 90% of the
people on
>the floor are very fit.  The ones who are fat are at home eating twinkies and
>watching TV.

>I also think it is absurd for the building official to require someone to
>a floor for the highest loading that could be dreamed up......

WOW!   Usually a failure is only one time.

>and not for the "approved" and designated use.  You can challenge the
Building Official's
>interpretation of the Code.  He is not GOD (but close to it).  I would not
>recommend doing this, but it is possible.
>Conclusion:  An aerobics floor for a private fitness club IS NOT a public
>assembly area, by any stretch of the imagination.  The loading on these
>is no where near 100 psf.

Neil Moore, S.E.
body fat ratio: 14%