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Re: Load - Occupancy Live Load

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In a message dated 98-04-01 23:43:15 EST, Bruno wrote:

<< Lynn,
 I understand your point about live load distribution for aerobics class.
 I agree with you if the people are just standing still. However, maybe
 we should be concerned that many people jumping up and down at a

 specific frequency might create a dynamic effect that could increase the
The relatively new AISC Steel Design Guide Series #11 "Floor Vibrations due to
Human Activity"  is full of good information about these dynamic effects,
including a whole chapter on "Design for Rythmic Activity"  This chapter
covers "Dining and Dancing"; "Lively Concert or Sports Event"; "Aerobics only"
and "Jumping Exercises Shared with Weight Lifting".  Dr. Murray of Virginia
Tech was on the AISC lecture circuit last year and gave a great overview of
the design guide.  Perception of the occupants is a key factor in a
serviceable  design.  He also gave some interesting examples of aerobics
classes bothering occupants in areas of a building that were very remote to
the aerobics room.   I found the guide helpful in ananalyzing a vibration
problem due to foot traffic in a local municipal building.  Body fat content
of the dancers or aerobicizers is not a consideration in the methodology
presented in the design guide.  :)

Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA