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RE: COMP @home

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I just signed up for the cable @Home service in the Seattle area and will 
be getting it this weekend.  The way the @Home works is that you are 
actually a node on the @home's INTRANET.  When you make a download request 
for a file or home page that is cache'd in their system, then you get the 
peak speeds of 2.8 megs/second (100 times faster than 28.8k).  I was quoted 
by @Home with 2.8 megs/sec download and 56k (peak) upload.  It is 
impossible to get 30 Mps down because you are bottlenecked at the ethernet 
card (unless they are selling you a fast ethernet card (100 Mps)) which is 
peaked at 10 Mps.  By the way, if the file or homepage is NOT in their 
Intranet Cache system, the speed goes way down, perhaps ISDN speeds 
(128k).... but overall the setup is much faster than 56k.....

Also since you are on the @Home Intranet, your surfing activities are 
subject to monitoring by @Home's "Big Brother"....  but then again aren't 
we being monitored now?   :)

Ed Chin, PE
Seattle, WA

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Are any of the list subsciber using the cable modem service @home.  It
will be moving into the OKC area shortly and I am considering either
upgrading to 58 kps or waitin until the @home is avilable.

The cost seem reasonable, base installation 99$, monthly rate $49 plus a
compatible ethernet card ($30. to $50).  That seem cheap for 3 to 4 Mbps
with peaks of 30 down and 10 up.

Arvel L. Williams, P.E.