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Re: Load - Occupancy Live Load

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The 100 PSF criteria comes from the scenerio in which there is a fire and everyone
runs to the exits.

Or, where you have a large amount of  equipment of 'unknown' weights in a room
*and* conduct a presentation or class in which everyone crowds around an
instructor -

or - (you fill in the blanks)

or - (you fill in the blanks)

, and the list goes, on.


ErnieNSE wrote:

> Try to imagine what 100 PSF looks like. It involves a room filled with people
> weighing 100 lbs. standing within a 1 foot square area of the floor, side by
> side and front and back. Or a 400 lb. person standing on a floor area 2 ft.
> square(a square 2 feet long each side). Possible, maybe, but I would not want
> to be in that room. Can you imagine all of them jumping up and down while
> jampacked like sardines?
> Makes you wonder how they arrived at the100 psf LL criteria for assembly area.
> And if I have to use them, can I have a reduction due to duration of load(like
> roof LL reduced 25% since it occurs only a max of seven days)?
> I guess Code writers tend to be conservative when it comes to Live Load
> requirements.
> Ernie Natividad