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Loads - Just for fun

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Engineers run into the problem of loads all the time.

Once when answering a call for a structural inspection
from a newly wed couple who wanted to sue their contractor
for not building their new home properly.

The newly married couple proceeded to showed me to the 
bedroom which was indeed showing evidance of floor damage. 

The bride looked me in the eye and said with a straight face.

The salesman said that the water bed did not weight any more
than a refrigerator. Further conversation with the couple brought 
forth the additional information that the salesman had said 
per square foot.

When I pointed out that the analogy was only good if you put one 
refrigerator side by side over the entire area that the 
bed covered and that refrigerators did not move. (they both
turned red)

They moved the bed to the first floor and asked the contractor 
to repair the floor for extra compensation.

Another time a local news paper asked me to check out the second
floor of an old building they had purchased for additional storage.
Pre Computer - News Papers kept several copies of each print in
their morgue. These were staked one on top of another to a height
of 6'+ with three foot isles between stakes and wire frame walls 
to give backing to the stakes work out the loads for your self
wall to wall was 25', floor was 3/4" oak plank on full cut 2x12
setting on one width of an 18" brick wall no Steel, first floor 
was shops, second was storage, third and forth were offices
I said it was an old building.

I ended up designing them a new one story warehouse slab on grade.

Rob Stevens, P.E.