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Re: Fw: Negative Structures.

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Dear T Eric,

I built a caisson once it is fun.  In htis case it was in water charged
ground at FOster on hte mid north coast of NSW.

It helps to have a sense of humour and I'm glad you took it well.

Let me tell you a story of when I was first supervising a job.  We were
testing sewers in a winery.  The plug got lost in one sewer.  So the
contractor plugged teh line upstream and organized for the line to be
filled.  Unfortunately they were one short.  So i offered to get in teh
downsteam manhole and catch the plug as it came out.

I did

The manhole which was about 7 foot deep then filled with water in about 3
seconds.  It was a long wet drive home.  I learnt a valuable lesson that day.


John Nichols

At 07:53 3/04/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Yeah yeah yeah!
>I figured someone would actually read that post and comment on it!
>Actually, the reason why I included the -3 stories, besides perhaps piquing
>someone's interest, was because it was an interesting project (for Guam
>anyway).  The project was a pump station that extended 30' below grade. 
>Because the structure was located adjacent to the ocean, it would have been
>very difficult for the contractor to excavate and cast in place (water
>table at about 2').  So, we worked it out with the contractor and had them
>incrementally build the structure on grade, while digging it out from the
>inside so that it sank.  I believe there is a specific name for this type
>of construction method, but to my knowledge it was the first on Guam.  So
>THAT's why I listed it as a negative structure, FYI.
>T. Eric Gillham PE
>> From: John Nichols <cejn(--nospam--at)>
>> To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
>> Subject: Negative Structures.
>> Date: Thursday, April 02, 1998 12:58 PM
>> Dear Dennis,
>> It has been an awful day.  I broke the hand brake cable, after breaking a
>> transmission cable and a return line on some sort of emisssion control.
>> I made a mistake on a tutorial problem yesterday.  
>> Our other car won't be back from the panel beaters  till next week.
>> Obviously God whereever she is decided to remind me that life is short.
>> Then I read an email on the seoc list and it brightened up my whole day. 
>> thought you might like it.
>> Structures he has worked  on (or supervised) range from -3 to 32 storeys.
>> I always wondered what a negative structure looks like.  (Before y'all
>> down my throat I realize what the Engineer was trying to say.  But it was
>> just so humourouse I decided to share it.
>> John