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Re: Wood - 2x wood ledger question

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I have used 2X ledgers quite frequently on wood framed construction. One
method commonly used is to fasten the ledger to the studs with 2 or 3 16d
nails + a Simpson A35 at each stud. 

The most common problems with larger ledgers, ie 3X or 4X ledgers, are:
1.  This type of ledger can be very heavy and difficult to construct in the
field, especially with residential construction where heavy equiptment is
rarely used.
2.  With the added eccentric load, if you are relying on nails to tie the
ledger to the stud wall, the top nails are put into withdrawl.  Not a good

The biggest problems with let in ledgers are:
1.  You are relying on the carpenter in the field not to overcut the stud. 
2.  If you have a high parapet on the wall. you have weakened the stud at the
point of maximum moment

Richard Dahlmann, PE
Phoenix, AZ