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Mortar: plastic vs portland cement in zone 4

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     During a structural observation on a masonry building i noticed the mason
using plastic cement in the mortar. I told them this was not permitted in zone
4 per UBC sec 2106.1.12.4 - 3 . They switched to portland cement but now i
wonder what about the first 6' height of wall ( 500' long perimeter ) already
done with plastic cement. Prisms were made and the contractor wants to leave
the existing masonry if the prisms come up to strength. Can anyone tell me
some background on this or problems that may be encountered if the masonry
built with plastic cement mortar is left in place?( assuming it comes up to
strength in the prisms). Why is plastic cement prohibited in zones 2,3,4 ?
     Thanks in advance.

     Tom Harris, SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA