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Re: steel column below grade

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I would, without hestitation, keep the steel column encase in conrete.
Asphalt will not do the job properly. Column footing will always settle,
depending on soil conditions.  With the cold joints, the footing may
settle inside the joints without new cracks.  Without the joints, it
will create cracks randomly at the slab-on-grade adjacent to the column.
The choice is yours or the owner, not the contractor.

Mike Brown wrote:
> I have a general question regarding steel columns below grade.  We use a
> typical interior column to footing detail that encases the steel column
> with concrete below grade.  This is fine when the top of footing is at
> bottom of slab sub-base.  My question is what would you recommend when the
> top of footing is three feet or more below top of slab?  Should we keep the
> column encased in the concrete or will coating the column with asphalt
> emulsion be adequate?  We typically indicate that the column be encased in
> concrete with an isolation joint at the slab level, but a contractor is
> questioning the detail by saying that the top of concrete at the slab level
> will be difficult to finish.
> Thanks in advance.
> Mike Brown, P.E.
> CSHQA Engineers in Boise, ID
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