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Re: 16 ga staples for Roof Sheathing

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The new revised version of National Evaluation Service Report NER-272 is now
available.  A check can be made against lateral and withdrawal load capacity for 8d
common nails vs. staples (16 ga., or 15 ga. which are more readily available than
14 ga.) and fastener schedule revised accordingly, depending on what design
condition is being evaluated.  Of course, this means extra (unpaid?) work for the
structural engineer.

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> > Date:          Fri, 3 Apr 1998 13:41:14 EST
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> > Subject:       16 ga staples for Roof Sheathing
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> > Our firm has recently discovered that many of the builders in our area have
> > been substituting 8d common nails at the roof sheathing with 16 ga staples
> > (without our approval).  These are not equivalent.  The closest equivalent is
> > a 14 ga staple, which is in the ICBO report but no one manufactures.  The
> > inspectors don't seem to be catching that they are using staples.  Just
> > thought I would let you all know what we have encountered.
> >
> > Patricia Small
> > Tucson, AZ
> Patricia,
> I am using 14 ga staples in San Fran, I called a local construction
> supply company (Viking Distrib.) and they indicated that they did
> stock 14 ga staple in a variety of lengths(Paslode Brand).  I also
> spoke to the local representative ISNTA (International Staple, Nail,
> and Tool Assoc.) and he indicated that 14 ga should be readily
> available.
> Note: Values for these staples are available in ICBO NER-272.  Up
> until the 1995 report, this ICBO Report listed values for 12 and 13
> ga staples,  these staple are very hard to find.
> Bill Lynch
> Berkeley, CA

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