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Re: Load - Occupancy Live Load

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ErnieNSE wrote:
> Try to imagine what 100 PSF looks like. It involves a room filled with people
> weighing 100 lbs. standing within a 1 foot square area of the floor, side by
> side and front and back. Or a 400 lb. person standing on a floor area 2 ft.
> square(a square 2 feet long each side). Possible, maybe, but I would not want
> to be in that room. Can you imagine all of them jumping up and down while
> jampacked like sardines?
> Makes you wonder how they arrived at the100 psf LL criteria for assembly area.
> And if I have to use them, can I have a reduction due to duration of load(like
> roof LL reduced 25% since it occurs only a max of seven days)?
> I guess Code writers tend to be conservative when it comes to Live Load
> requirements.
> Ernie Natividad

Some building codes will give you a reduction in live load if the
tributary area is over a certain value. This accounts for the fact that
the probability of having the whole area heavily loaded is unlikely.

Maybe the code you are using also allows for that. 

Bruno Côté