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California State Employees' Initiative

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>>I've been reading a lot lately about the initiative proposed for the
ballot by California state employees that would require consultants
responding to RFPs for work for state agencies to compete on price to
get the work.  Last I knew, this intiative was slated for the June, 1998

They were actually calling this the "Taxpayers Savings Initiative" which
reminds me of the Vietnam Era - "bombing a village in order to save it".

The gist of the initiative, (Proposition 224) is that public works project
awards will be decided solely on cost, BUT BUT BUT! here is the catch:

Costs associated with the public employees bids (salaries, overhead etc)
shall be set to $00.00, and costs associated with private firms' bids shall
reflect actual costs. If you get a hold of the initiative, take a look.  It
is spelled out very clearly.

So: guess who will automatically get the awards for ALL the public works
jobs?  Three guesses, wrong ones don't count.

Both major parties and the California Teacher's Associaton are against this
initiative. It is supported by the Public Employees Union and the
Professional Engineers in California Government.

To me this looks like such an obvious land-grab. Realisitically it will
probably affect the bigger firms much more than us smaller guys, but it
still makes me ill.

Kate O'Brien, P.E.
Simi Valley, CA