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Re: ethics

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Dennis S. Wish wrote:
> Mark,
> Our profession does not have the same restrictions for advertising as the
> AIA does for architects. Engineers advertise in the phone book all the time
> and don't consider it unethical to advertise their business in any form of
> media. I would argue against any authority that feels it is unethical to
> promote ones business - as this has become the standard of practice in
> virtually all professional services.

I think the original question was directed at
spam, not advertising in the broad sense.  In the
interest of preventing this list from becoming
another usenet here are my suggested guidelines
for this list (my am I getting cocksure in my old
age :)

Do not advertise anything that you have a stake in
unless it is a reasonable response to a general or
specific request. 

If you do choose to advertise:

Consider responding directly to the person in
question, rather than to the list, especially if
the list in general is likely already aware of
the existence of what you are advertising or if
the topic appeals to a 	very tiny audience.

First address the engineering question, if it that
is what was asked.	That way the person with the
question will be
helped even if they decide not to buy what your

Keep the advertising part short, both in terms of
words and bandwidth.  Nothing worse that opening a
message has banners,
demos, etc.

Don't advertise often.  If you're advertising in
every post then its 	hard to see how that can be
considered anything but spam.

If you absolutely must advertise constantly, buy
space from SEAOC (that's a freebee for Shafat).

Of course, the less conspicuous and blatant (or
underhanded) advertising is, the harder it is to
take umbrage at it.  For instance, including one
html link to your companys web page after your
signature is not such a nuisance, but several
lines of advertising at the start of you message
smacks badly of spam.

Stan Johnson, PE
BTW, did I mention that I have an old monitor
that's just gathing dust...    :O)