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Re: concrete vibrational analysis

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> This is a bridge engineer's opinion on a building issue.
> The dynamic effect of loads is influenced by the mass and the stiffness
> of the structure. The bigger the mass and the more flexible the
> structure, the less dynamic effects will be felt by the structure.
> Even though the stiffness of the concrete floor should be significant, I
> would believe that the mass of the floor would dampen most of the
> dynamic effects. If the live load capacity of the floor is as per code
> requirements, my gut feeling would be that there would not be any
> problems.
> As far as the natural frequency of the floor is concerned, I am assuming
> that you are concerned about the floor going into resonnance with the
> people jumping up and down. For what this is worth, I never heard any
> stories about this happening. I would suspect it is not a problem.

It is a problem that must be addressed.  In one of the journals that I
read last year this problem was brought to light.