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RE: Aluminum Specification

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I think that using steel specifications to design aluminum is not a good
idea at all.  In addition to other responses, check out the UBC.  I don't
have the '94 edition in front of me, but Chapter 28 of the '91 UBC and
Chapter 20 of the '97 UBC have complete formulas and information for
designing aluminum.  It's a separate specification just like lightgage,
masonry, etc.  

One thing to watch out for is the contact between aluminum and carbon steel.
They need to be isolated for dissimilar metals/corrosion reasons.  Stainless
steel bolts are usually used.

Kent Estes

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	Subject:  Aluminum Specification

	I am currently in the proccess of designing and aluminum canopy made
	C shapes and tubes.  I will need to include a specification for this

	canopy and was wondering how I would assemble it?  Since this is the

	first time I have designed something brand new with aluminum I need
	guidance.  I am thinking of using our Steel Framing specification
	modifying it to reflect aluminum properties.  Anyone have a better
	or a different direction?  Also, are there any traps in the use of 
	aluminum?  I have heard of problems with field welding unless the
	are highly experienced in aluminum.  Any other problems?