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Re: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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I had a similar experience about 8 years ago. Seems that the insurance
companies were not interested in E&O coverage for anything less than "hiway
robbery level fees"!! Never had any claims against me. Even so, they quoted
$20,000 or 10% of my annual gross income for $150,000 coverage with a
$50,000 deductible!!!! Needless to say my little 7 person company went "bare
" from then on. I wrote up a one page spread sheet that I used to screen
clients and used it fairly religiously from then on. If a client didn't rate
70% or better on its scale I turned down the work.  Questions were...
Condominiums?... Late payer?.... 
Past client?... Gut feeling?... Flamboyant BS artist?... You get the drift.

Good luck with your search for equity! I've contemplated researching what it
wuold take SEA's to set up a captive E&O insurance Co. Probably would be
best if set up offshore and all participants were screened and educated on
the basics of liability protection brfoe admittance.

Yous Truly,
Norb Volny PE SE