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Re: WOOD - Roof Repair

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>I am working on a project to structurally reinforce an existing church wood
>roof.  The clear span of the wood framing is about 36 feet.  The church was
>constructed in 1900.  


Sounds like you are on the right track. We did a truss repair for the
library in a middle school many years ago here in Bend. The trusses were
glue lams spanning 75' and spaced at 12' oc. Part of my recommended repair
was to jack up the roof trussby truss with 20 ton hyd jacks at panel points.
The jacking was attempted but was unsuccessful. Rather than exacerbate the
existing shrinkage cracks at the glu lam truss members we decided to repair
the trusses in place without attempting to releveland straighten the roof.
That was 18 years ago and the repair has stood the test of time and 3 feet
of snow for 80+days in 1994.

As old as your building is the lumber probably has a permanent "set" in it
and you would have to induce extreme stress in it in order to straighten it.
I'd strenghten the framing system as you've planned but would not try to
force new"aesthetics" into it.

Yours Truly,
Norb Volny PE SE