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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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JRGuer said: 

The latest CELSOC poll shows consultants on the loosing side 2 to 1.
Education of the electorate is a must as they are counting on the title to
bring in lots of votes.

My Response: No doubt the poll was accurate under the circumstances during
which it was taken. However, the circumstances have now changed and will
change again as the election nears. If we made all our public policy choices
based on early polls, Kathleen  Brown would be our governor in her last year
and George Bush would have been a two-term president. Keep your hats on for a
wild ride....

For those of you who haven't made up your minds, there will be a debate
Thursday, April 30th between CELSOC and PECG at the SMUD Auditorium in
Sacramento from 7 to 9 pm. JRGruer is right on target - the best form of
government is an educated and engaged electorate.