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RE: California State Employees' Initiative

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Independent economic studies of the financial impact of Prop 224 have
determined that as
many as 15,600 new state employees will be required to meet the workload.

To get more info on this measure and how you can help (spread the word and
open your
wallet) see:

The reality is that money is going to be the key to defeating this measure.
The media
campaign to fight this is going to be very expensive.  The proponents of 224
have the
advantage of a cleverly worded title for their measure and a huge war chest
for advertising.

As a previous post pointed out, just because your not in California doesn't
mean that
you'll be immune to the effects of this measure.  If it passes and I lose my
job, I'm moving
to your state and bringing all of my friends with me.

Chris Serroels, PE

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> Subject:	RE: California State Employees' Initiative
> You last statement is very interesting. Since when does any large
> organization - especially government - hire additional professionals to
> handle an increased work load. As with any other business, they will
> probably increase the pressure upon existing employees to pump out more
> work
> and no additional compensation. This is a good indication of potential
> mistakes due to pressure. There is very little fat left in the business
> side
> of government. It used to be that aerospace and government employees who
> were expedient and productive were told to slow down (figuratively -
> especially in the beginning of the 80's were there was plenty of glut).
> As everyone points out, this is a no win situation for engineers as well
> as
> the occupants of the buildings.
> Does anyone have an email address where we can voice our opinions and
> position?
> Dennis S. Wish PE
> La Quinta, California
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> Subject: Re: California State Employees' Initiative
> Some of us in Arizona have been following this proposed law for some time
> as
> it seems so goes Ca. so goes Az. to some extent.  If the state employees
> benifits and taxes are not counted in the equation where do the proponents
> of
> this law think the money will come from for this or is it free? Thus where
> are
> the savings?  Also of interest to us Az's is the fact that if this causes
> work
> in Ca to dry up to some extent there would be a large influx of Ca
> architects
> and engineers into Az.  I know we stick our noses in your tent too, but
> our
> noses are a lot smaller and your tent is a lot bigger.  This law could
> have
> far reaching effects to the surrounding states to Ca. not just within Ca
> even
> if it is not adopted by other states.
> Getting away from the protect our turf argument.  Does anyone really think
> there will be the same quality of architecture and engineering inovation
> if
> this work is done by the state via committee?  You all know the one, the
> don't
> rock the boat, design for medioctricy (sp), and I want to go home by five
> with
> weekends off because I took this job so I wouldn't have to work more than
> 40
> hours a week.  Seriously, I see a huge void that would develope regarding
> responsibility.  Now if an architect or engineer screws up our head gets
> handed to us, we get sued and possibly loose our licience. We do not have
> civil service to protect us.  Please no flame from civil servants - this
> is
> not a condemnation but a statement of fact as I see it.
> One other question -- where do all the architects and engineers come from
> that
> will be doing all of this design?  Does the state hang out a sign "help
> wanted" or is there enough staff now on board to do the work now?  If
> there
> is
> why?
> Mel Slaysman
> mjslaysman(--nospam--at)