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RE: California State Employees' Initiative

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I heard that Caltrans is hiring 1100 engineers for June.
Check out their web page.

Neil Moore, S.E.

>You last statement is very interesting. Since when does any large
>organization - especially government - hire additional professionals to
>handle an increased work load. As with any other business, they will
>probably increase the pressure upon existing employees to pump out more work
>and no additional compensation. This is a good indication of potential
>mistakes due to pressure. There is very little fat left in the business side
>of government. It used to be that aerospace and government employees who
>were expedient and productive were told to slow down (figuratively -
>especially in the beginning of the 80's were there was plenty of glut).
>As everyone points out, this is a no win situation for engineers as well as
>the occupants of the buildings.
>Does anyone have an email address where we can voice our opinions and
>Dennis S. Wish PE