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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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> Getting away from the protect our turf argument.  Does anyone really think
> there will be the same quality of architecture and engineering inovation if
> this work is done by the state via committee?  You all know the one, the don't
> rock the boat, design for medioctricy (sp), and I want to go home by five with
> weekends off because I took this job so I wouldn't have to work more than 40
> hours a week.  Seriously, I see a huge void that would develope regarding
> responsibility.  Now if an architect or engineer screws up our head gets
> handed to us, we get sued and possibly loose our licience. We do not have
> civil service to protect us.  Please no flame from civil servants - this is
> not a condemnation but a statement of fact as I see it.

Fascinating.  You've said we're all lazy, that we're all mediocre, that we all
don't practice innovation, and that we all never work more than 40 hours a week,
and that these are all statements of "fact," yet you don't think we should take
offense?  Just amazing!!  I can imagine the flames erupting if someone made
similar statements about "all" private consultants.