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Re: Sunroom Anchorage

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I just spent hours going through STAAD-III output to get the support reactions
for a pre-manufactured sunroom that was to attach to a house. The plan called for
the sunroom to sit on a 22" tall pony wall around its perimeter. The roof of the
existing house where the ridge of the sunroom ends is the tail end of gable
trusses. The plan called for fill rafters and a ridge beam from the sunroom ridge
to the existing roof. The problem is that there is a 7200" lateral reaction at
the end of the sunroom ridge. I could see no way to transfer this to the
foundation without dragging it back to the existing roof trusses, into a shear
wall below, and into the foundation. This would require re-analyzing the existing
truss, probably adding a shear wall, and installing a moment resisting

Also, the lateral reaction from the base of the sunroom wall to the top of the
22" pony wall causes a hinge. How can this be overcome.

Has anyone encountered this situation and found a more reasonable and less costly
solution? I feel that I must be missing something because these sunrooms have
been installed throughout the county and in other countries. Am I missing


Ken Reed, CE