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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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I did say "as I see it", however, whether I have 20/20 vision or I am blind
the question of responsibility still has not been addressed.  Who signs the
plans?  Who is personally responsible?  Who takes the heat if there is a
problem?  If the public is damaged whom do they sue?  We may not like it at
times but there is right of redress for damaged parties through the courts.
If my little girls is hurt because of a designer's negligence can I sue the
state?  These issues need addressing and these are only the liability issues.
Will the state be required to show a profit?  How much of a loss can they
operate on?  Private sector engineering firms can only operate at a loss for a
limited time and they are out of the market.  Will the same hold true for
public design departments?  I cannot see how this will save any money unless
the state employees will be working with less benifits than in the private
sector.  Softeware, computers, office space and insurances still have a cost
even if you don't include them in the equation of how you (not you personally)
reach the final design cost figure.  

I don't really know where you stand on this issue.  That is not important, but
I wish SOMEBODY would explain this to me and take a stab at answering my

Mel Slaysman