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Re: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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>>Beware of a project that the owner is uneasy that you don't have
insurance and
the architect is not insured.  It is quite normal and understandable for an
owner to want some assurance in his design team but if you have insurance
he doesn't -- you could be left hanging in the wind if there is a problem.
This does not mean "don't get insurance"  just beware.<<

You bring up a very good point.

I have only talked with this fellow over the phone, and apparently some
contractor with a big mouth told him a horror story about a house sinking
eight inches while they were putting the second story on. And everyone got
hauled into court, yada yada. So he is very spooked.

Kind of like when a woman gets pregnant, everyone tells her the horror
stories about Deliveries From Hell.

Kate O'Brien P.E.