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Re: Pier and grade beam foundation systems

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At 07:28 PM 4/7/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I'll take a shot..
>I would consider the drilled pier and grade beam system a "frame" if the
>analysis uses any kind of fixity at the tops of piers for reduction of bending
>moments. Otherwise, I'd see the piers as fixed embedded cantilevers that
>transfer loads from the building (grade beam) by dowel action. This joint
>however should be appropriately detailed at the pier tops to prevent (reduce?)
>pulverized concrete failure by shear forces. Typically, I'd space ties closely
>in this region.
>A variant of this Building Department interpretation for our office was a
>requirement to detail the piers as columns for shear consideration over their
>length by placing ties at a maximum of d/2.
>Barry H. Welliver
>Draper, Utah


Usually the lateral loads are very small to a line of piers - maybe 5000#  to a total of  five piers which results in 1000# per pier top. I to consider the piers to be cant. from the ground surface and the connections to be pined.

Thanx for your repy

John Buchanan