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Re: BOLT - Anchor into exisitng stone wall

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I know of no published design values for anchoage to stone.  Stone and the
mortar the stones are set in vary a lot; testing on your project would be
important if the force to be transfered by the anchor is significant.  

One approach that may give more confidence in the capacity of the anchor
without testing would be to remove some stonework, and replace it with
concrete so that the anchor is embedded in a known material.  The force
transfer is then distributed to a much larger contact area of stone than is
provided by the anchor itself, or the anchor and the stone in which it is

I've tested epoxies manufactured by Covert, and Rawl in sandstone, and Covert
in granite.  Bond seems to be excellent.  The mortar in which the stone is set
is often the weakest part of the assembly.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer