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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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Everyone on earth should know that state monopoly will not work.  The
Soviets and the Chinese had tried it for decades and they are now
turning back to a privatized market economy.  Why are we going back to
their system?

> Nigel:
> I did say "as I see it", however, whether I have 20/20 vision or I am blind
> the question of responsibility still has not been addressed.  Who signs the
> plans?  Who is personally responsible?  Who takes the heat if there is a
> problem?  If the public is damaged whom do they sue?  We may not like it at
> times but there is right of redress for damaged parties through the courts.
> If my little girls is hurt because of a designer's negligence can I sue the
> state?  These issues need addressing and these are only the liability issues.
> Will the state be required to show a profit?  How much of a loss can they
> operate on?  Private sector engineering firms can only operate at a loss for a
> limited time and they are out of the market.  Will the same hold true for
> public design departments?  I cannot see how this will save any money unless
> the state employees will be working with less benifits than in the private
> sector.  Softeware, computers, office space and insurances still have a cost
> even if you don't include them in the equation of how you (not you personally)
> reach the final design cost figure.
> I don't really know where you stand on this issue.  That is not important, but
> I wish SOMEBODY would explain this to me and take a stab at answering my
> questions.
> Mel Slaysman
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