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re:commercial sign structure

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Ed  Haninger Wrote:

     ASCE 7 is available from ASCE at 1-800-548-2723 or

     On the analysis part of your question, torsion in a 4 sided truss
     tower can be approximated by resolving the moment portion into
     reactions on the 4 sides rotating about the center of stiffness,
     probably the tower center.  Considering the global torsion action
     this case will probably result in lower forces than the simple 2D
     frame type analysis (simple reactions on 2 sides).  You roughly
     the 4 sides of the tower resisting the torsion vs the 2 sides you
     looking at.  It is difficult to assess your situation accurately
     email, but in this case it sounds like you need to consider the 3D

     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel

     Thank you for your reply. I have to check that old textbook and
review on space frame  analysis.

Alex C. Nacionales