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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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You don't get a Flame frome me, Nigel. You get a BIG COMMENDATION from me for
speaking out your mind. I, too, was undecided and I'd been wanting to give my
opinion and my side on this issue. I wanted to look at it from the government
engineer's side and try to justify why they are doing this. I think mainly to
protect their jobs but more importantly, I believe it is to protect the
integrity and prestige of government engineers. And I'm afraid that a lot of
you out there will not agree with me. Anyway, I stand behind Nigel in this

I worked for the government before I worked for private firms and now I'm in
private practice. So I can see and feel from both sides. I know the bad
reputation of government workers and it hurts if you know you're not like one
of those "typical Government Employees". Yes, I believe there are exceptions
to this "notion" of how government engineers waste taxpayer's money. The same
way that there are private consulting firms who are just out to get big
government bucks without regard to quality, performance and integrity.

It's too late now for a compromise since after the votes are counted, one side
will lose, the other side will win. Like Nigel said, our inhouse fighting
gives our profession a bad name. Why can't we work together for the good of

I hope that whoever wins will give the other side the chance to join them and
work with them and hopefully everybody works together to achieve and develop a
working system that is fair, efficient and above standard. Let's try to
eliminate the bad weeds from both sides rather than getting both sides to
fight each other with the better side (or the one with the most money and
dirtiest campaign tactic) winning.

Still undecided. Maybe, I'll abstain.

Ernie Natividad