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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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That is what I wanted to see.  You may get flamed but not by me.  I still
think this proposal is a bad idea but I got what I wanted in a way of
explanation without "cute" comments, it just happens to differ with my point
of view, such is life I live with it.  The consultant that spoke of "country
club memberships" must have been some kind of -- give me a word -- even if it
were true about the membership you would never tell a client, and that is what
the State is, that your fee was based upon country club membership rates (even
if it were true).  

QBS is another subject.  I also feel that if this law is adopted (from what I
know or think I know) would result in selection based soley on fee.  I have
seen this in action by some public departments here in Az and can tell you
from experience that it is false ecconomy.  One of the best ways, in my
opinion, if fees are to be submitted with the propsal is a way in which I
proposed on a bridge project on the Navajo Nation several years ago.  The
consultant submitted two envelopes, one with his qualification and one with
his price.  The selection committee ranked the proposers 1,2,3 etc. and opened
the "bid" of the highest ranked firm and opened negotiations based upon their
proposal.  If negotiations were acceptable he got the project, if they could
not reach agreement they went to #2 etc.  The envelopes of the other
consultants were returned -- unopened.  I know this to be true because we got
a sealed envelope.  In all fairness, I think the private sector clients are
more prone to use price as a gauge than public sector clients.  There are
exceptions of course including repeat clients (our bread and butter) and more
sophicticated clients that realize you are getting what you pay for (in most
cases) but there are many out there than only want the "bottom line".  These
are the ones we need to be careful of.

Mel Slaysman