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Re: Pier and grade beam foundation systems

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Subject: Re: Pier and grade beam foundation systems

There have been several postings with a number of approaches.  I wonder that engineering is all so much a matter of opinion.  While it is the end result that is important, and the process to reach such not as important, it seems to me that piles in the ground subject to a lateral or other load at the top behave not much differently from a baseball bat being swung/oscillated by a single hand.  The hand grips the end of it (effective embedment), the bat deforms depending on its elasticity, and the reactive response of the hand to maintain that grip are a function of the behaviour of the load system at the free end (soil parameters).  The grip response on the bat will determine if the bat stays in the hand or not (if its sweaty then it may be lost).

I deduce from this gross simplification that you can not ignore the structure below ground surface.  Investigation and analysis should determine if below ground structure input is significant or not.

Thor Tandy P.Eng 
Victoria  BC

>Rhkratzse wrote:
>> In a message dated 4/7/98 5:36:33 PM, John Buchanan wrote:...
>> .....followed--like a cookbook?
>Good point here Ralph. Sometimes questions like these force us to consider what we are doing.
>Further thinking about whether the pier and grade beam system has an option to behave as part of the lateral system brings me back to the realization that not only is it a part, but the primary deliverer of such forces. I am often .......

......ductile-like element. Any comments??
>Barry H. Welliver