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Re[2]: California State Employees' Initiative

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Not true! I have been employed by the State of California for several years in 
Sacramento - I have seen significant layoff's when workload reduced at Division 
of the State Architect, Caltrans [I got layed off myself there], Energy 
Commission, and Dept of Water Resources. I happens all the time!
        A "lurker" 
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Subject: Re: California State Employees' Initiative
Author:  <seaoc(--nospam--at)> at net
Date:    4/8/98 11:18 AM

nmends(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Tom Chiu wrote:
> > Everyone on earth should know that state monopoly will not work.  The 
> > Soviets and the Chinese had tried it for decades and they are now
> > turning back to a privatized market economy.  Why are we going back to 
> > their system?
> Hmm.  Who built the interstate highway system?  :-) 
Anyone can build the interstate highway system with taxpayer's money, 
private or public. The point is that can we do it better with the same 
amount of money and people.  Competition, incentives, layoff, marketing, 
etc. are the key elements that keep the economy going, not expansion of 
state monopoly.  We all know that there are good, highly qualified 
engineers in the public sector. But how many times has one heard of 
layoffs in the public sector in period of hard time, always never, 
instead, taxes will be raised, budget deficit will rise.  All these 
dreams will never happen in the private sector.  May be Caltran is an 
exception, since the traffic flow and gasoline consumption are always 
increasing( so is the tax money), rarely affected by the state of 
economy.  Wouldn't that be nice if I can be assure of constant client 
and job inflow to my company?